What’s in a name?

Why Reformed Rust?

As I sit and type this post, I am 41 years-old. There are days I feel much, much older. So far I’ve had an eventful life; I’ve worked in sales, I’ve been a fabricator, I’ve been a senior pastor, I’ve had cancer,I’ve been a mechanic, I’ve been in an alcohol rehab center, I’ve lived in a homeless shelter. The list seems to go on…

Yet, I am not so blind that I can’t see an over arching story of redemption in my life. Some days its harder to see than others. In fact today seems to be one of those days. But, I have to believe that I haven’t been created to suffer through life and then die.

I see my story in steel and parts. When I look at a pile of scrap steel I feel driven to create something new. That piece of steel or scrap has been thrown away and forgotten, it too deserves a second, third or fourth chance to become something useful again. I know I’ve been given many chances. Perhaps you have given those chances too.

So Reformed Rust is my therapy. I take junk and make it new again, its not really about recycling (although I’m not against it). I just like working with my hands, and it gives me a seance of accomplishment. I design t-shirts and stickers in hopes to finance some of my projects…admittedly its not a lucrative plan. But, that’s the way it goes sometimes. I do accept commissions, encouragement and I’m not to proud to take a hand out 🙂

I’ll try and post some examples of what I do.

1979 Harley Davidson Ironhead 1000cc
“Adjust this” Vinyl sticker (3X3)
Rebar Deer

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